Hello's Are Way Better Than Goodbyes

I've spent a lot, and I mean a lot of time at airports. And being the people watcher that I am, the thing that sticks out to me are the goodbyes. They hurt like hell (to some people). But there's nothing like hello's.

I was at the airport picking up my wife one night, and I happen to notice this guy standing as close to the "DO NOT ENTER" area of the terminal. Of course I had no idea who he was waiting on. Could have been anyone. His wife, girlfriend, mom or, who knows? Maybe he hasn't seen them in a few days, weeks, or maybe it was his turn with his daughter or son for a while.

There were a lot of people there that night, but I couldn't help but keep an eye on this guy, he was anxious. Standing there, trying to blend in with the crowd....then all of a sudden, his arms went straight into the air like his favorite team just scored. I stepped to the side to see who this guy was so excited to see. Out of the incoming crowed flew this little boy, breaking away from his moms hand. She had the biggest smile on her face and began to run as well to try and keep up. As this guy fell to his knees, his little boy ran into his arms, so hard...you could feel it all around. It reminded me of the times when my kids were small...there's noting like a bear hug from your son or daughter after you've been away, for whatever reason.

There's a heart breaking song from one of my favorite country artists RaeLynn called Love Triangle....check it out and be ready for the water works. There's nothing worse than having to let a little one (or a grown one) go away. But there's nothing more fulfilling than having them back in your arms.

I'm so glad I had my camera there to capture this moment. I couldn't see the dads face, but the kid and moms face said it all.

Love the ones you love well. The goodbyes will be bitter, but the hello's will be worth it all. Spend ten seconds with the last photo in this sequence, I promise you'll feel something.

Shot on Fuji Xt-3 - 35mm F1.4


Stories create community, enable us

to see through the eyes of other people,

and open us to the claims of others.

                                        - Peter Forbes

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